Natalya Neidhart is one of the most experienced superstars in the women’s division. But Is her sister Jennifer Neidhart also a wrestler?

We all know about Natalya Neidhart, a two-time women’s world champion, Divas and SmackDown, and also a one-time WWE Tag Team Champion with Tamina. However, not many people know that she has a sister named Jennifer Neidhart. 

Jennifer Neidhart
Jennifer Neidhart is a Gourmet Chef and Youtube Star (Instagram)

She is anywhere not from a wrestling background. Jennifer is a Gourmet Chef and a Caterer. She is the daughter of wrestler Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart and Elizabeth “Ellie” Hart”. 

Jennifer is a well-known caterer, model, celebrity kid, and internet personality from Canada. She has a joint Youtube Channel along with her sister Natalya. She has also created her account on the OnlyFans website and shares exclusive content with her subscribers. Her Instagram handle has more than 200K followers. She has more than 150,000 likes on OnlyFans.

Recently Natalya took to Twitter and shared a picture with her sister Jennifer. 

THE NEIDHARTS! (How pretty is my sister Jenni?! She never believes me when I tell her!)

Fans can’t keep calm as Natalya shares bikini pics with her sister Jennifer Neidhart 

Social media influencer and OnlyFans star Jennifer Neidhart recently posed with her sister Natalya before going live on her Youtube while having a pool party. 

She also captioned it, “It’s a pool party and we hope you join us! Bring good questions! And we will bring champagne!”

Since then Fans can’t keep calm after seeing these beautiful sisters as their posts both on Twitter and Instagram got filled with compliments.

 Here are some of the tweets from the fans,

You both are Stunning and Gorgeous!!!


Why would she not believe how pretty she is?! I’m kinda dumbfounded lol Also, great photo of the 2 of you!

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