MVP responds to fan criticising Hurt Business reunion on WWE Raw


This week’s Raw saw the reunion of the Hurt Business

This week’s Raw kicked off with a match between Bobby Lashley and WWE Champion Big E. This match was later interfered by Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin which marked the reunion of the Hurt Business.

It created mixed opinions from fans and one of the tweets criticizing the reunion caught the attention of MVP, who is the manager of the stable.

A fan said:

“It’s okay but like it doesn’t make sense ? did they actually just forgive each other after the whole fight lmao”

To which MVP responded:

“You didn’t grow up with brothers obviously.”

MVP made it known that the grudges were kept aside and the trio is back together. MVP on the other hand is currently out for 4-6 weeks recently got a knee surgery. It will be interesting to see the Hurt Business in the future when MVP returns.

Hurt Business reunited on Raw (Ringside)

Cedric Alexander on the Hurt Business reunion

The Hurt Business officially split up earlier this year after Lashley kicked both Alexander and Benjamin out of the stable. After their reunion on Raw this week Alexander took to twitter to share his reaction on the reunion, He said:

“Did you miss us?”

Hurt Business is now officially back. For more on this story check out: Cedric Alexander reacts to Hurt Business reunion on Raw

Lashley is most likely to face Goldberg at the upcoming Crown Jewel PPV in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This match can be highly influenced by the presence of Alexander and Benjamin ringside and can even change the outcome of the match.

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