Hurricane Helms has been helping Nikki ASH backstage over new gimmick


Hurricane Helms reveals that he has been working with Nikki ASH backstage with new gimmick

Shane ‘The Hurricane’ Helms has been helping Nikki ASH since she adopted a new gimmick on Monday Night Raw.

Helms replied to a fan on Twitter when asked why he did not appear backstage to give some advice to the new RAW Women’s Champion.

He replied saying: “I do. Every single show.”

Helms donned a similar gimmick in a green costume and a black mask during his days as the ‘Hurricane.’ Since retiring he has been active on social media and has featured in many wrestling podcasts. Speaking on  WWE’s The Bump, he says: (h/t Wrestling Inc)

“It’s been amazing. I try to be there in gorilla every time she comes back. For the big moments, I’ve been there. She’s been polite and humble. Not that she had to ask for permission, but you know, I’m not wrestling as The Hurricane anymore. I just turned 47, and that window might be closing.”

“She took the respectful route and asked me about it, and from day one, I told her, whatever you need, I’m here for you. It’s been fun watching her grow. Nobody was happier for her than me that night.”

Nikki ASH lost to Charlotte Flair and will now face her and Rhea Ripley at SummerSlam in August. The Triple Threat Match will be one of the biggest matches in recent history in the women’s division.

Nikki ASH describes first feeling as Champion

Nikki ASH cashed in her Money in the Bank last week to become the new RAW Women’s Champion. This is the first major title in her WWE career and many believe it is well deserved. Talking on The Bump, she added: (h/t Wrestling Inc)

“It’s been years and years of finding myself and finding the confidence and happiness and joy. Finding it and spreading it, I don’t want to keep this just to myself. I want to spread it to everyone.”

Nikki ASH winbs
Nikki ASH has won her first major title in WWE last week on Monday Night RAW

Nikki ASH will have her work cut out if she has to match the best in the roster. For the time being, she is receiving a push that could possibly help her win the Triple Threat match at SummerSlam.

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