Rusev and Lana are back together and posting a lot on social media, which some people targeted on social media

Social media has become a toxic place where people take shots at others easily, something that Rusev and Lana had to deal with.

Rusev and Lana had split up in WWE but that was a storyline. The pair are together again after Bobby Lashley dumped Lana, however, Rusev was released by the promotion in between all this.

Rusev and Lana
Rusev and Lana have been together since the Bulgarian made his WWE debut in 2014 (Image credit: Getty)

Lana is now enjoying a friendship with Natalya on Raw, but she is still a regular on TikTok. The Ravishing Russian decided to have some fun with her fans and posted a few videos recently.

Many took a shot at Lana and Rusev regarding this video and a few even posted abusive messages directed at the husband-wife pair.

Rusev, for his part, wasn’t taking things lightly as he named and shamed some of these followers.

The Bulgarian Brute tweeted to one such user:

“Meet Carlos. He is big on social justice, according to his profile, and he supports people who fight for their rights. Lovely tweet , pal.”

He then called out another Twitter user and hoped he would never have a daughter after some offensive things were said:

“This is a father and his lovely little child. What example this child will have in his future. Also hope you never have a daughter so other FATHERS CALL HER that name”

Not the first time dealing with hate

While Rusev lashed out, and rightly, to some of the things said, it isn’t the first time Lana has been targeted.

Even though it was a storyline to divorce Rusev, she was targeted by many on social media. She took it on the chin and continued her character unabated.

Lana is Natalya's new manager
Lana is Natalya’s new manager

The Russian might be one of the biggest heels in the industry thanks to the storyline and it will be interesting to see what else she does with Natalya by her side.

Rusev and Lana never really split up in real life and it is great to see them together. The pair just want to have some fun on social media, but given the way things are, there will always be somebody who hits out.

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