What’s Hall of Famer Lita’s favorite WrestleMania moment?


Lita is one of the pioneers in women’s wrestling and is an inspirational figure

Lita has been a gamechanger in the women’s wrestling landscape. She recently had a great match with Becky Lynch at the Elimination Chamber last month.

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What's Hall of Famer Lita's favorite WrestleMania moment? 3

Lita in a recent interview was asked about her favorite WrestleMania moment. She picked the finish of the Edge versus Mick Foley Hardcore Match at WrestleMania 22.

She would describe the match with words such as “intense” and “insane“. The crowd in attendance was in shock. Lita described the moment as: “you could feel the air sucked out of the room.”

Lita, Edge, and Mick Foley had all given us many brutal and extreme matches individually. Now imagine all of them entering into the ring at the same time. Yes, Lita also interfered more than once when Foley had Edge reeling.

The Match:

Edge and Mick Foley during WrestleMania 22
Edge and Mick Foley during WrestleMania 22 (YouTube)

Edge’s feud started with Mick Foley when the former thought Foley cost him the WWE title. Foley was the special guest referee in that match which Edge lost.

For the next few weeks, Edge would call Mick Foley “soft” and a “teddy bear“. He would also say that Foley’s past his prime. Mick who was during his last lap as a professional wrestler didn’t take those insults too kindly and accepted Edge’s challenge for a match at WrestleMania.

This match had it all. From barbed wire bats to thumbtacks it had it all. The two legendary superstars were pushing barbed wire bats into the eyebrows of each other. Both wrestlers started bleeding and to be honest Mick Foley’s match isn’t quite complete without him or his opponent sporting the crimson mask.

Lita’s interference agitated Foley even more. She received a socko for her troubles. In the climax though, Lita had a vital role to play. As Mick Foley was poised outside the ropes on the apron in a precarious situation, Lita lit up a table right behind him with fire. The Rated-R Superstar would spear Foley right into the table lit up with fire.

This match stole the show and Edge’s win against a hardcore legend like Foley only established his legacy even more. 16 years later everyone who saw that match remembers how epic it was. Lita’s no different.

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