WWE building up huge Goldberg vs Bobby Lashley clash for Crown Jewel


Goldberg set to face Bobby Lashley at Crown Jewel?

Goldberg appeared on this week’s Monday Night Raw to issue a warning for Bobby Lashley. He joined Raw via satellite to warn Lashley over what happened back at SummerSlam PPV.

Goldberg with his son on WWE Raw
Goldberg and his son Gage (WWE)

Lashley viciously attacked Goldberg’s son Gage at SummerSlam. Goldberg spoke about he had swore to protect Gage from birth and would do anything in his power to protect him. He said that he is going to get his revenge by hurting Lashley real bad.

Goldberg also mentioned that by doing this he will fulfill the promise made to his wife and son. Goldberg ended his segment by stating that he is going to enjoy every second of this process as Lashley is about to become his victim.

As reported by the WWE, Goldberg underwent a knee surgery after SummerSlam which is why he has responded to Lashley’s attack now. According to PWInsider, Goldberg’s appearance on Raw was the first step to build up this huge clash between Goldberg and Lashley.

The Crown Jewel is scheduled for October 21st in Saudi Arabia. The only officially announced match for the event is Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship.

How did Bobby Lashley attack Goldberg’s son Gage?

Lashley and Goldberg faced off at SummerSlam. Lashley managed to beat Goldberg and retain the title. However, after the match Lashley continued to attack Goldberg. Upon seeing this Gage ran in to help his father.

But he was unsuccessful in doing so and was put in a Hurt Lock by Lashley. Goldberg was left fuming and is now coming back for revenge.

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