Goldberg confirms injured knee won’t heal by 2021 Crown Jewel


Goldberg gives update on his injured knee ahead of his Crown Jewel clash

WWE legend and Hall of Famer Goldberg is set to take on Bobby Lashley on the upcoming Crown Jewel PPV in a no holds barred match. The event is just under a week away and Goldberg has given us an update on his injured knee.

Keith Lee RAW
Lashley and Goldberg have a long running feud (WWE)

Goldberg was a guest on the CarCast podcast recently and talked about his knee’s condition. Goldberg revealed:

“Knee’s much better. Hopefully it’ll be I won’t be completely healed by then but it’ll be, suffice to say, in good enough shape to kick Bobby’s ass. Let’s just say that.”

Goldberg has revealed that he won’t be fully healed in time for his upcoming clash. But he believes it will be enough to kick Lashley’s a**. This could well and truly play a crucial factor in his match and Lashley could heavily target his knee after knowing the fact that it is not 100%. The match is also scheduled to be a no holds barred match which could make the situations worse for Goldberg.

Bobby Lashley was not impressed by Goldberg
Goldberg and Bobby Lashley (WWE)

Bobby Lashley is looking to put Goldberg away for good

Lashley has certainly had enough of his rivalry with Goldberg. He not only wants to get done with the rivalry, he wants to put Goldberg away for good. Lashley has made his evil intentions against Goldberg clear and will certainly look to inflict some serious damage on him.

Goldberg son
Goldberg raging after Bobby Lashley’s attack on his son Gage Goldberg (WWE)

However, the things have gotten really personal between the two and the bad intentions are mutual. Goldberg is coming for revenge and Lashley just wants to repeat what he did in SummerSlam a couple of months ago.

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