The Olympic Gold medalist Gable Steveson has been in the news as he is focused on a WWE career. Gable Steveson’s introduction to WWE will be a huge boost for both parties involved.

Gable Steveson
Gable Steveson is one of the most promising aspects of WWE (Ringside News)

The 21-year-old in an interview with MMA Hour revealed that he is in constant talks with Paul Heyman and Triple H. After retiring from amateur wrestling, Gable announced that he wants to try his hand in WWE and fans are waiting for him to make his presence felt inside the squared circle.

“All the time, yeah,” he said about Heyman. “I’m in contact with all of them. Triple H, Triple H reached out and he sends a lot of love for me. I think Triple H is really high on me, and him and me have a good connection. He’s a great dude. Nick Khan, he’s another executive in WWE. He’s a really good dude too. He reached out. They all show a lot of love and I think that’s really, really cool.”

Gable said he is eyeing an appearance around WrestleMania 38. He mentioned that his start date is around the middle of April but fans might see him as soon as on the RAW after WrestleMania.

“It’ll start the day WrestleMania hits or after that. I mean, I don’t know like, my exact start date is in the middle of April. So they’re letting me finish school. They’re letting me do my thing, and then Monday Night Raws will either come really soon or shortly after that. But I’m planning on getting on TV and getting in the ring on TV really, really soon. Probably the next, after WrestleMania.”

As per reports, Gable Steveson won’t be joining his brother on NXT

Gable Steveson’s brother Bobby Steveson is already on WWE’s developmental brand NXT. The elder brother recently posted an emotional tweet after Gable retired from amateur wrestling.

Gable spoke about how much he enjoys watching NXT 2.0. However, Gable hinted that he will be plying his trade at RAW. There are various reports as well which suggest that Gable would be directly drafted into the main roster. Gable said:

“As of right not I’m not, I believe so,” he said on missing NXT. “I think NXT is a great program. My brother is on NXT so I love to watch it and tune in, and he’s doing a great job down there too. So I think the plan for me was to go to Monday Night Raw and start out there just produce myself and just be myself on TV right there.”

Currently, Veer Mahaan is scheduled for a repackaged return on the red brand, the night after WrestleMania. It seems he will have a few squash matches to start off. If Gable debuts around that time on the same brand, he may not be having squash matches as a couple of lopsided affairs every show won’t be a pleasant sight for the fans.

Gable might start off directly with a big feud against a top superstar to put him on the map as far as his new career is concerned.

h/t – Wrestling Inc.

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