FTR has been accused by WWE Writer on social media


Former NXT Tag Team Champions FTR gets accused by WWE Writer on Twitter

Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler are among the top tag teams in pro wrestling. They have shown their capabilities in big wrestling promotions like WWE and AEW by winning their respective tag team titles.

FTR are former Champions
FTR are former AEW World Tag Team Champion (Newsakmi)

Former WWE writer Dave Schilling took to Twitter and accused FTR of making his life hell on the RAW after WrestleMania 35. He mentioned that they made fun of the promo that he wrote while in the room. 

I feel bad that FTR had a bad experience with Shawn Michaels, but they also made my life hell the Raw after Mania 35 & made fun of the promo I wrote while I was in the room. Tough business and people are rarely their best selves under the pressure cooker.

Schilling also said they could have helped him get the promo better, but instead, they ducked him all night.

They ducked me all night when they could have helped me make the promo better. We barely got the pre-tape on the air that night.

Former WWE Writer also said that writers are second class citizens in wrestling. But nobody deserves to be in an uncooperative work environment.

Writers are, without a doubt, second class citizens in wrestling. But nobody deserves to be in a hostile or uncooperative work environment, regardless of what they do on the show.

FTR had massive success in WWE

Former AEW World Tag Team Champions don’t care what their critics say about their matches. Instead, they always have this belief in themselves.

FTR is also known as The Revival in WWE and had tremendous success in NXT as NXT Tag Team Champions as they competed against several great teams. However, after a not so good run in the main roster, they granted release from WWE. 

The company released them last year, which resulted in them making their way to AEW, where they went on to win the AEW Tag Team Championship title.

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