Freddie Prinze Jr. reveals plans for his wrestling promotion


Former creative member of WWE Freddie Prinze Jr. opens up about the plans for his new wrestling promotions

On this week’s Wrestling with Freddie podcast, the former WWE creative team member Freddie Prinze Jr. opened up about his plans for the future launch of his own wrestling promotion.

WWE Cuts Makes Freddie Prinze Jr. Want To Start Wrestling Company, Already  In Talks With TV Networks | EWrestling
Freddie Prinze Jr was a former creative member of WWE (Ewrestling)

First, Freddie talked about how he had the money for a 3-year plan and how it was instead a two-year plan. He also spoke about how he plans to start the show in 18 months.

The plan was originally a two-year plan, now I should have the money for a three-year plan, meaning it doesn’t have to make money for three years.” “I plan on having this thing up and running in 18 months. That’s my plan. There’s a way for me to get it done sooner, but it requires me going to Australia for three months and leaving my family. So, I’m not a big fan of doing that, regardless of how kind and respectful the studio is unless I was in a position where I had to. (H/T Wrestling Inc.)

Freddie mentioned that he wants the show to start as a two-hour show and wants his storyline to be based on reality and give men and women equal time on the roster.

“I think I want to start it as a two-hour show. I want my storylines based in reality. I want to give the women and the men equal time on the roster. And then the goal is to bring the show to television, and I mentioned this on Ariel’s [Helwani] podcast, but it’s important to me, so I’ll say it again, and I want it to be a SAG show.

Freddie Jr reveals that he wants to unionize all the wrestlers

During the podcast, Freddie also brought up the idea of unionizing all the wrestlers. He believes that when Vince McMahon sells WWE, the wrestlers would be thinking about the future.

Freddie talks about starting a new wrestling company (Twitter)

“So the goal is to get them all unionized, which is a big deal,” Freddie Prinze Jr. explained. “I would support all wrestlers to go after it. It won’t happen under Vince’s rule, but I believe when the WWE sells, that should be the very first thing that every single wrestler should have on the forefront of their goal list is to unionize. Day one. It should be a walkout. The day they sell the company, the day they sell it, to whoever the new ownership is, every wrestler should be like, ‘good luck, we want unionization.'”

It will be interesting to see how this new wrestling promotion pans out for Freddie.

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