Eric Bischoff has been slapped and slapped people as well in the wrestling business. He elaborated on the reason why Will Smith and Chris Rock pulled off the segment.

Eric Bischoff
Vince Mcmahon and Eric Bischoff traded blows weekly from WWE to WCW

Eric Bischoff during his podcast 83 Weeks busted up the Will Smith-Chris Rock segment as completely scripted. Bischoff had Jeff Jarrett on the show and the two of them discussed and dissected the incident.

Chris Rock, a stand-up comedian and the presenter of the show was slapped by Will Smith on stage. The uneasy incident took place when Rock, joked that Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett should be in a G.I. Jane movie. He was referencing her shaved head. Smith went up on stage and slapped Rock, right across his face.

Bischoff and Jarrett noted how Chris Rock took half a step forward and almost leaned into the slap. They explained that when one makes a joke about somebody’s wife and that husband charges toward the offender then it’s impossible than the offender would lean toward the husband. Instead, the offender might take a few steps back to protect himself.

Bischoff also noted that Will Smith’s latest movie King Richard is about a guy who fights for his daughters, for his family. So according to him, Smith played the same character who’s standing up against someone making fun of his wife. This was done to promote the film said, Bischoff. He mentioned that it has been a while since the movie has released but most of the business is done post the release with various streamings, distribution platforms, and the international release later on. Bischoff stated that “controversy creates cash” and that was the plan on the part of Smith and “his friend” Chris Rock.

“When you get tagged at the side of you face, you are not gonna come back with a joke” – Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff and Jeff Jarrett kept watching and rewatching the video as they were providing their opinions.

Jeff Jarrett
Jeff Jarrett is a WWE Hall of Famer (WWE)

Bischoff went on to say that he had been slapped by people bigger than him and also people smaller than him. Chris Rock took the slap and didn’t even take a moment before delivering another joke. Eric said that while a slap doesn’t knock one’s teeth out but it surely rocks and rattles the person. Jeff also agreed. He said that delivering a joke from that position is stating the obvious.

Bischoff also noted how Will Smith focused on the follow-through of the slap and not the actual impact. In the slow-motion video, he noticed that Smith got only his fingertips on Rock. Bischoff also tweeted a picture where the camera panned to Smith’s face after he delivered the slap and he was smiling. It’s least expected that one smiles after such an incident as it occurred in the first place because of wrath. Bischoff wrote, “Enough said.” Maybe the 66-year-old has a point.

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