Edge speaks about the victory over The Miz, awe for Beth Phoenix


WWE Superstar Edge reacts to Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix’s return at WWE Day 1

Edge squared off against former WWE Champion The Miz and his wife Maryse at the ringside at WWE Day 1. Mizanin almost pulled off a victory against the Ultimate Opportunist following constant interference from Maryse, but the problem was countered by WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix.

Beth Phoenix return to WWE after a long time (WWE)

Following last night’s win and The Glamazon’s return, Edge has several positive things to say, and he could have been more proud of her. The Rated R Superstar even hinted at a possible match between Beth Phoenix and Maryse.

After the match, Edge and Phoenix both were interviewed in which the former world champion spoke about the victory and was in awe of her wife. He mentioned her as an ace in the hole and said they were a badass couple. Maryse should not be dealing with Phoenix.

“Yeah, I got an ace in the hole. Some might call her an enforcer. I have someone that Maryse does not want to deal with: The Glamazon/Beth Phoenix, who just happens to be my wife. I gotta say, we’re a pretty badass couple. I don’t think Mike and Maryse want any piece of this. So, they just can tuck the tail and go back to Hollywood.”, 

Beth Phoenix helps Edge to beat The Miz at WWE Day 1

Fans were quite sure about the conclusion of this match following Edge’s status in WWE, even though Maryse did whatever she could to get the victory. She made numerous interferences but got the better confrontation of WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix, who is apparently also the wife of Edge.

Her presence was enough to get The Rated R Superstar to get the better of Mizanin at WWE Day 1. Phoenix is one of the most muscular women stars WWE has seen.

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