Edge is one of the top stars in the history of wrestling and he explained why he does have a Cameo or other third party outlets

Former WWE Champion Edge is one of the most popular faces in the history of wrestling. The Canadian has won several titles during his time in WWE and it could have been a lot more had he not retired early.

Edge and Randy Orton met at WrestleMania 36
Edge and Randy Orton will wrestle at Backlash (WWE)

Edge picked up a serious neck injury and was out of action for several years. He was still working with WWE and produced several shows with Christian. However, he shocked the world earlier this year by appearing at the Royal Rumble.

Edge didn’t win the Rumble but then had a huge clash against Randy Orton at WrestleMania. The Rated-R Superstar got one of the greatest pops in the history of the business at the Rumble, but he still keeps his social media profile low.

Edge does have Twitter and Instagram accounts but hasn’t caught up to the Cameo trend. Many WWE stars and sportspeople have accounts on third party apps to connect better with their fans.

This allows them to charge for custom videos and some of them have posted hilarious birthday wishes and more.

Edge vs Randy Orton was the main event at Backlash 2020
Edge had defeated Randy Orton at WrestleMania 36 (WWE)

One fan recently asked why Edge doesn’t have one and the former champion posted an incredible response.

All part of the game

Edge had earlier wished a young fan on his birthday on social media and this got some talking.

One fan wanted him to start a Cameo account but Edge said that he was more than happy to wish people and connect with them as it is.

He didn’t want to be paid for this service and added this was all part of his career:

“The fact that young kids, who weren’t even born when I retired want a birthday shout out from me at this stage in my career makes me happier than the message makes them. I don’t need to charge people to take 2 minutes out of my day. It’s part of the gig. A great part.”

Edge’s response is incredible given how WWE has tried to milk the third party adds. They had Undertaker also make 30 special Cameo videos as part of his retirement and it cost the fans $1,000 per video.

WWE also asked their stars to stop their accounts or at least not use their wrestler names and gimmicks, which saw a lot of backlash.

Some stars had to stop their accounts and others, like Zelina Vega, ended up leaving the company. Edge, for his part, remains a great draw for WWE but it is great that he thinks of the fans and takes his time to connect with them without charging.

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