Edge Edgecutes fan for unflattering comments on “soccer mom” Beth Phoenix


Edge is married to Beth Phoenix and the former WWE Women’s Champion posted a photo of the pair on social media

Beth Phoenix and Edge have had a lot of fun in recent months after getting deals with WWE.

Edge made his incredible return to action at the Royal Rumble, though he was unable to win that battle. He then had a long rivalry with Randy Orton before being sidelined with an injury.

Edge WWE Raw results, winners, grades, highlights and reaction 16 March 2020 preview
Edge was back on Raw to challenge Randy Orton (WWE)

Phoenix had been away from WWE for a while but she took on the job of an NXT commentator and the Glamazon has been excellent in that role.

Phoenix has also shared several photos and videos of her family on social media and did so of the husband-wife pair too.

However, one fan didn’t have a flattering comment on the former WWE champion, and claimed Phoenix looked like a “soccer mom” and claimed they were an odd couple as well.

“Looks like edge is taking a picture with some random soccer mom, head of the Pa, or Karen. Odd couple”

However, Edge didn’t hold back and Edgecuted the fan.

Edge takes out the fan

The former WWE Champion isn’t a regular on social media but he wasn’t taking any nonsense being spoken about his family.

Edge blasted the fan and claimed that he needed some lubricant to come out of the hole. He also claimed that this Twitter user wouldn’t know what unconditional love is:

“What you see is Adam standing with his wife & mother of their children whom he loves unconditionally. Assuming from your page that you won’t find out what that’s like & your biggest concern is making sure you have enough lubricant to get by until you next crawl out of your hole”

Edge took out his anger on a fan
Edge took down the troll on social media (Twitter)

Edge always had a bit of a mean streak when it came to wrestling and he bared his fangs out in this incident.

However, anyone would be upset over the comments made by the fan, especially to such a close one.

Beth Phoenix is a commentator on NXT
Beth Phoenix is a WWE Hall of Famer (WWE)

Phoenix and Edge were two of the best during their time in WWE, and it is to be seen when Edge will be back in the ring.

He didn’t look out of place after his near decade absence and there could be some fireworks from the Rated-R Superstar.

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