Edge believed Brodie Lee was talented enough to battle a WWE legend at WrestleMania


Brodie Lee passed away a couple of days back and that shocked the wrestling community

Tributes and stories of Brodie Lee are still making the rounds as the world comes to terms with his untimely passing away.

The AEW star passed away at the age of 41 due to a lung issue but this was not related to Covid-19.

Brodie Lee is the new AEW TNT champion
Brodie Lee joined AEW from WWE (AEW)

Not many knew that Lee had a health issue and this death caught many by surprise. Many WWE and AEW stars have posted their tributes to Lee and it is difficult to find one person saying anything negative about him.

The Busted Open podcast also held a special tribute to Lee where the hosts all spoke about how great a person he was.

Everyone has a great story about Lee and how he was always trying to take care of his family. WWE legend Edge also joined the call and brought up Lee’s family connect:

“He was just a good, good, solid father and talented performer on so many levels.”

Edge also claimed that he had not heard one bad thing about Lee and suggested that the former WWE star was someone you would want to ride together, which is the greatest compliment you could give.

Edge vs Randy Orton was the main event at Backlash 2020
Edge had defeated Randy Orton at WrestleMania 36 (WWE)

Taker vs Lee

While Lee (known as Luke Harper in WWE) fought some of the big names during his time with the Wyatt Family, Edge believed he could have done more.

That was something that Bully Ray touched upon early in the show. They all knew Lee was extremely talented but he never got that chance in WWE.

The undertaker Royal Rumble
The Undertaker is one of the greatest in the history of the WWE (Image credit: AFP)

Edge was asked about what the discussion with Lee was always about, and he confirmed it wasn’t wrestling all the time.

However, The Rated-R Superstar was surprised why Lee wasn’t fighting the Undertaker:

“Family, hockey and music. It never really got to wrestling unless I said ‘Dude, why are you not working Taker at WrestleMania? How is that not happening?’”

Taker retired after a last match with AJ Styles but you could imagine two big men in Taker and Lee going at it.

WWE couldn’t give Lee that platform to succeed but he did have a great time on AEW. It was a short spell as he only joined in 2020 but he won the TNT title and had some great matches on the show.

AEW will also have a special tribute show to Lee tomorrow. Edge wanted all the great things being said about the fallen hero to be recorded, as a time capsule for Lee’s children of how great Big Rig really was.

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