Tom Dean won gold in 200m men’s freestyle at Tokyo Olympics and that got Drew McIntyre in the mood

WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre has praised Tom Dean after he won the gold medal in the 200m freestyle event at Tokyo Olympics.

McIntyre took to Twitter to congratulate the Brit, who overpowered teammate Duncan Scott, saying:

“This is what sport and the Olympics is all about! You’re doing us proud, @TeamGB

Dean came from behind in the final 50m to create a new national record of 1min 44.22sec, with Scott taking silver (1:44.26) ahead of Brazil’s Fernando Scheffer (1:44.66).

“I knew it was going to be a dog fight. I didn’t know how people were going to swim it. I just want to say thanks so much to everyone, my mum, family, girlfriend. I’m lost for words, it’s amazing,” said Dean after finishing 1st in the event.

Dean also came back from two positive tests of COVID-19 and was in isolation in January, after contracting the virus for the second time.

Dean came from behind in the final 50m to overtake Hwang Sunwoo of Korea.

How did Drew McIntyre fare versus Veer on RAW?

McIntyre has been frustrated ever since Jinder Mahal returned to WWE RAW to attack him with Veer and Shanky. The former WWE Champions have been going at it over the last few weeks, which prompted a match with Veer and McIntyre.

Drew McIntyre clatmores attorney
McIntyre delivered a thunderous Claymore on RAW

McIntyre, last week thrashed Shanky with chair shots after Mahal escaped from the ring. This time around, he got the win but delivered a Claymore to make a statement to his former teammate.

The Scotsman is a huge crowd favourite and will look to see the pair meet at SummerSlam next month Mahal looks like a dangerous threat after his return in a new gimmick. His new allies also look promising despite the battering from McIntyre.

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