The former two-time WWE champion Drew McIntyre showed his gratitude towards Rey Mysterio.

Drew McIntyre remembered his match with Rey on SmackDown during his first run in WWE. According to Drew, he wasn’t doing anything of note at that time but the match with Rey went quite well. The Scottish Warrior was looking to get into a meaningful storyline to get his career back on track. Rey went up to Vince McMahon and praised the talent that he saw in McIntyre. He also revealed how Rey wanted to get involved in a storyline with McIntyre but unfortunately, it didn’t materialize.

Dominik Mysterio and Rey Mysterio at Elimination Chamber 2022
Dominik and Rey Mysterio

In an interview with, Drew shared the incident:

“I remember having a match on SmackDown on one time, which went really well – the first time we’d wrestled in a singles match. I wasn’t doing anything significant at the time, my career was on a bit of a downward spiral at the time.”

He continued, “I really needed to get into a storyline or work with somebody that could get me back on the right path. Rey actually went to Vince himself and told him, ‘You’ve got something with this guy, I’d really love to do something with him.'”

Drew rued that Rey’s attempt wasn’t successful as the writers already had a different plan for him but the big man is grateful that the veteran at least tried.

“Never materialised, they had plans for him unfortunately, but he really went out of his way to try and push for me.”

Drew was once termed by Vince McMahon as a future champion in the company. It however took Drew more time than he would have thought.

What’s in store for Rey and Drew at WrestleMania 38?

Drew came back to WWE in 2017 and since then has enjoyed tremendous success. He finally proved Vince McMahon right and won the WWE Championship on two different occasions.

Drew McIntyre
Drew McIntyre

Drew won the Royal Rumble in 2020 by eliminating Roman Reigns. He went on to challenge Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 36. He defeated Brock at The Show of Shows and began his first title reign with the aforementioned Championship.

He lost his title after 203 days in a Hell in a Cell match against “The Viper” Randy Orton. It took him less than a month to regain his title from the third-generation superstar.

Drew has built up a massive rivalry with Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss. Corbin has been evading McIntyre for a long time as far as a one-on-one match is concerned but there would be no hiding at ‘Mania as they go head to head in what promises to be a physical battle.

Rey Mysterio, on the other hand, will team up with his son Dominik Mysterio to take on the team of The Miz and Logan Paul in a tag team match. This rivalry has also been heating up nicely after The Miz introduced Paul as his partner for ‘Mania and took out the Mysterios.

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