Drew McIntyre reacts after brutal TLC 2020 title win over Miz and Styles


Drew McIntyre had to fight off four men to keep hold of his WWE title at TLC 2020

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre already had the odds against him as he fought AJ Styles at TLC 2020.

McIntyre wasn’t just going to battle Styles and try to keep his title in a one-on-one match. It was a TLC match and with the title lofted high, Styles had the advantage since he had fought in several such matches previously.

The triple threat match at TLC 2020
Drew McIntyre, The Miz and AJ Styles clashed at TLC 2020 (WWE)

Further, Styles also had his bodyguard, Omos, to help him out. That was bad enough for McIntyre and things were made worse when The Miz came out.

The A-Lister cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase and turned it into a triple threat match. He also brought John Morrison alongside him and McIntyre essentially had to fight off four men in hopes of keeping his title.

However, the Scot was able to do just that and kept his crown after a touch battle.

McIntyre feeling the effects of the clash

As with any ladder match, there were some dangerous spots on show. McIntyre, like all the other performers, was hurt thanks to the ladders, chairs and tables around the ring.

The champion also posted one message after the win and claimed he was going to feel the effects of this fight tomorrow.

McIntyre proved his championship credentials once again and it will be interesting to see if he makes an appearance on Raw tomorrow.

WWE has a short turnaround time for Raw stars as the show is just one day after a PPV. McIntyre certainly had to give it his all to keep the title and there could be a new challenger waiting for him tomorrow.

Randy Orton set fire to The Fiend
Randy Orton set fire to The Fiend at TLC 2020 (WWE)

Only Randy Orton has been able to get the better of McIntyre since he became the champion. The Viper also got one over his nemesis, The Fiend, and won his Firefly Inferno match by setting Bray Wyatt on fire to end TLC 2020.

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