Drew McIntyre bats for country version of Broken Dreams at SummerSlam


WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre wants some country rendition of his theme “Broken Dreams” at SummerSlam

Drew McIntyre has tested a country version of his theme song “Broken Dreams” for next year’s WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view event. 

Drew McIntyre
Drew McIntyre has been in tremendous form

McIntyre recently appeared on the Battleground Podcast (h/t Ringside News), where he talked about thrilled he is about SummerSlam 2022 happening in his hometown. He also mentioned that he would love to walk to the ring to a country song rendition of his old entrance theme, “Broken Dreams.”

“Everyone’s been asking for [Broken Dreams], so they better all know the words to it. So let’s make it happen. SummerSlam. Main event. Fight Roman Reigns for the title. Willie Nelson singing ‘Broken Dreams’ to the ring. Boom. Love it.”

Ricochet in action against Drew McIntyre
Ricochet in action against Drew McIntyre (WWE)

Drew McIntyre reveals how Nashville loves wrestling 

McIntyre, who is a resident of Nashville, is absolutely thrilled as the SummerSlam comes to his hometown next year.

Drew McIntyre
McIntyre was McMahon’s favourite when he joined WWE in his young dats

He talked about how Nashville loves fighting, and it’s one of his favorite places to wrestle. So the Scottish Warrior considers himself as the Nashville Warrior. He also mentioned his attire of cowboy boots, hats, etc.

“This was always one of my favorite places to wrestle at the Bridgestone when I didn’t live in Nashville. But now that I’ve been here for a few months, I’ve interacted with, you know, the locals like they truly love wrestling. They truly love WWE and deserve a pay-per-view of this magnitude. SummerSlam is one of our big 4 events of the year and the fact is going to be in a stadium.

“It’s going to be in the Nissan Stadium and I’m the hometown boy now, the Scottish Warrior, originally, but now I’m the Nashville Warrior, the Scottish Cowboy, the hometown boy, very excited about it. Wear my cowboy boots, got my cowboy hat, wear the coat. That’s something I wear in real life, for real.”

It would be really fascinating to see the kind of reception McIntyre will be getting from his hometown fans.

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