Doudrop names big WWE star as possible intergender match opponent


Find out which big WWE star Doudrop wants to face in a intergender match

Ever since coming to Raw, Doudrop is has conquered every challenge that has crossed her path. Moreover, she is far from slowing down. She has her eyes set to etch her name in the history books of the company. To do so, Doudrop wishes to get in the ring with Randy Orton in a intergender matchup.

Randy Orton SummerSlam
Doudrop wants to face Randy Orton (WWE)

While speaking with Metro recently, Doudrop was asked if she wanted to face any particular superstar. To which she replied:

“It’s gotta be Randy. Me and him have some historic beef over who the real Viper is.”

Doudrop makes her intentions clear of wanting to face Orton. Moreover, she feels like it is important to know who the real Viper is. It is worth noting that Doudrop’s nickname was ‘Viper’ before she came to the WWE. It was later changed because Orton was already known as the ‘Viper.’

Doudrop and Eva Marie on Raw
Doudrop (WWE)

This is why Doudrop feels they need to compete to be named as the real Viper. However, the intergender match is very unlikely and WWE will certainly not be interested in making this happen anytime soon.

Does Doudrop wants to win the Royal Rumble?

Doudrop is certainly aiming for the things which do not seem possible. Apart from getting in the ring with Orton she also wants to win the men’s Royal Rumble. She wants to create history by winning the men’s Royal Rumble one day.

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Doudrop (ICW)

She feels like if anyone can do it, it is going to be her. The likeliness of this happening is the same as Doudrop getting in the ring with Orton. However, keeping high hopes isn’t bad is it? To check out the full coverage, head over to: Doudrop dreams of winning the Men’s Royal Rumble

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