DDP shares an interesting story of when he asked Triple H for a favor


The 56-year-old Diamond Dallas Page is a WWE Hall of Famer and a three-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion.


On the latest episode of the DDP Snake Pit Podcast, DDP, Diamond Dallas Page, told that when he started using the Diamond Cutter, the move was garnering a nice pop from the crowd. However, while watching an episode of RAW, he saw the recently retired Triple H using the move as his finisher.

Page shared the story of how he called The Game to ask him to not use the same finisher as the move was getting over quite well with the crowd when DDP was using it.

“The Diamond Cutter was really getting over,” DDP said. “The Diamond Cutter was taking me to a different spot. You could hit it on anyone out of anywhere. And even though I was only hitting guys who were enhancement guys, it was still popping the crowd. So you know you have something there. So one night I’ve got RAW on because I watched RAW.

“I taped it all, and I’d come home and I’d watch it and see how everybody was doing. And then one night, Triple H hit that cutter out of nowhere and pinned the guy. I was like ‘no! Bastard! No, not him!’ ere’s three guys who when I say have the craziest work ethics ever, me, him, and The Rock. The three of us, insane work ethic. I’m thinking ‘man if he takes that? I’ve got to call him.’ And I just pick up the phone.

“He never answered the phone, he never answered before that day or after that day. But that day he answered. He’s like ‘hey D, how you doing?’ ‘I’m doing great, but listen bro.’ We talked for a bit, got the sidetalk out of the way. We had a real relationship. I said ‘listen bro, I’ve got a favor to ask you.’ He said ‘sure D, anything.’ I was like ‘don’t say that.’ And look, Sting had the Scorpion Death Lock, Bret Hart had the Sharpshooter, it’s the same move.

“It was customary for one guy to have it here, one guy to have it there. Bottom line is I said ‘ you know bro, I’m just really starting to get this Diamond Cutter over. It’s giving me some serious momentum. I saw you do it the other night to beat a guy. And I get it and I don’t have the right to ask you, but you’re so so much younger than me. The Pedigree is amazing. If you wouldn’t use it anymore, I’d really appreciate it.’ He said ‘done deal.’ That was the last time he ever did it.”

DDP also shared the story of how Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Stunner came about

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Stunner might be one of the coolest finishers in pro wrestling. We saw a few of them at WrestleMania 38 and one among them was delivered to Theory, who sold it rather dramatically.

Stone Cold Wrestlemania 38 1
Stone Cold Steve Austin

DDP shared the story of when Michael P.S. Hayes and Johnny Ace suggested Steve Austin use a different version of the cutter as his own finisher.

DDP revealed that Austin didn’t agree as he wanted to use something original and that led to the inception of the Stunner.

“When Austin was coming up with his new finish that he was going to use, they brought it up. ‘Steve, you should do your version of the cutter,” DDP said. “And Steve was like ‘nope. I ain’t doing the same thing he’s doing.’ Austin’s got to be original. And he took a version of that and turned it into that Stunner, which kind of got over!”

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