Daniel Bryan future: Possible reason why former WWE star wants AEW move


WWE Vet Daniel Bryan is all set to join the AEW, after failing to renew his contract with the WWE

WWE mainstay Daniel Bryan will be joining the All Elite Wrestling (AEW ) soon. He had been a part of the WWE for almost 20 years, after making sporadic appearances in the early 2000s, before going on to become a regular during the late 2000s.

His last match in the WWE was against WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Bryan lost to the ‘Tribal Chief’ in a championship vs career match, on the 30th of April.

Daniel Bryan is now banished from SmackDown
Daniel Bryan in action against Roman Reigns (WWE)

Since Bryan lost, he was banished from the Blue Brand as a part of the storyline. The veteran wrestler’s contract expired around the same time as well – May 4.

However, Bryan wasn’t willing to renew his contract, and as a result, he was released from the promotion.

Possible reason why Daniel Bryan left the WWE

It is reported that Daniel Bryan had been expressing his desire to venture into NJPW (New Japan Pro-Wrestling). In fact, Bryan had gained a legion of exposure from the NJPW during his time at the promotion between 2001-2004.

It was during that time that Bryan got to know all the know-hows the game, and later established himself as a successful wrestler.

Earlier this year, the WWE were in talks with the NJPW to create a tie-up between the two companies. WWE President Nick Khan was working actively on it. And Bryan, was avidly waiting for the deal to materialize so that he could wrestle in the NJPW under WWE contract.

However, the deal never came to fruition, which is believed to be the main reason why Bryan would have left the WWE.

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