DanHausen takes shot at WWE over ‘Very nice, very evil’ tweets


DanHausen replies to WWE possibly referencing him over Twitter

Ring Of Honor star DanHausen has recently fired back at WWE over a tweet that was possibly referencing him. WWE made two tweets during this week’s Monday night Raw which captioned:

“Very nice” and “Very evil”

It is worth noting that DanHausen recently set up a GoFundMe with the exact same name to help cover up his treatment costs. The ROH star suffered an injury at the NGW show in Knoxville. Upon seeing the tweets, DanHausen reacted to them over Twitter as he certainly felt the tweets were directed at him.

DanHausen did not say anything in the tweet, instead he posted a picture of himself awkwardly holding a knife along with the screenshots of the tweets made by WWE. It is reported that the GoFundMe reached it’s goal and the ROH star successfully underwent surgery. However, he has still kept the link open for those who wish to contribute.

Where is DanHausen after Ring of Honor release?

Ring of Honor recently announced that they will be releasing all staff and talent ahead of 2022. The decision was made as the company aims to change and renew their business strategy. The company aims to be back producing shows by April 2022.

Until then the ROH will focus on coming up with better strategies as they wish to give their fans an ultimate wrestling experience. Since the announcement, DanHausen has returned to the independent circuit.

However, he only made one appearance since then and was injured in the process. Fans would hope to see him back in action soon as he still has a long road of recovery ahead of him after surgery.

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