Female WWE Raw wrestler slams body shamers and comments on plastic surgery talks


WWE Raw Superstar Dana Brooke posts bold message after plastic surgery comments

Dana Brooke has been with the WWE for a number of years, facing backlash over plastic surgery links and battling body shaming comments.

Brooke, who is now in a tag team partnership with Mandy Rose, posted a long message on Instagram addressing all the rumours surrounding her appearance. She said:

“My biggest Flex is I’m secure within … I don’t listen or let anything effect my state of mind! People wanna guess stuff is about them and come back with some dumb shit- NEWSFLASH I don’t waste my breathe or talk negative, I state facts where it matters and it’s not on you! – People wanna come on here saying – I look different, I’m fat, I’m skinny, I got to much work done, I look better this way, or that way!! “

Dana Brooke plastic surgery
Brooke is a fitness instructor outside the company

“ITS HARD WORK- MOST DONT UNDERSTAND WHEN YA LOSE WEIGHT.. ya lose weight in your face! Haven’t touched my face .. don’t plan on it either – no nose job, no lips in over 2 years, no facelift- I bust my ass everyday like I have been my entire life and SECURE WITH WHO I AM .. and what I’m about!!! No one needs this Body-shaming that I’ve seen all week long with women! It’s sad! And in FACT it means ur not secure about YOURSELF! So I know what imma do.. Is flex on 💪🏼 CONFIDENCE IS KEY 🔑,” she continued.

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke: Match made in heaven ?

Brooke began her career in WWE with NXT. She worked her way up to make her main roster debut on WWE Raw. She began with Charlotte Flair as a heel and continued to perform in-and-out of the ring.

Brooke then began teaming up with Rose, who ended her romantic storyline with Otis. Rose also had a fierce rivalry with Sonya Deville which escalated at SummerSlam. However, Deville left as part of the ‘loser leaves WWE’ storyline.

Brooke and Rose then teamed up for various tag team matches and were successful in getting a few wins. They even beat Naomi and Lana on the June 3 episode of WWE Raw, to become #1 contenders for the title.

With the tag team division heating up, the rise of Rose and Brooke boosts the division massively.

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