“Wanna throw some hands” – Dana Brooke calls out Ronda Rousey to go after Becky Lynch 


WWE Superstar Dana Brooke calls out SmackDown Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey to go after Becky Lynch for some unfinished business

Superstar Dana Brooke was beaten down badly by Former WWE Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch on Monday Night RAW. Since then, she has even shown her bruises on social media. 

Dana Brooke
Dana Brooke (RIngside)

But now it seems like she is all set to make a thumping comeback over Big Time becks and also wants to bring one more party for her. She recently took to Twitter and posted a video of her practising. She called out Ronda Rousey and asked whether she would go after Becky Lynch as they both have unfinished business with her.

“Hey, @RondaRousey wanna throw some hands!!!??? We can go after @BeckyLynchWWE .. we both have unfinished business with her!?!? @WWE #wwe.”

This week on Monday Night Raw, Dana Brooke squared off against Becky Lynch in a WWE 24/7 Championship rematch. However, the match didn’t start pretty as Becky unloaded with kicks on the champions before the bell rang and sent her outside the ring.

She even tossed Brooke into the barricades, taunting her before smacking her head off the announcer’s desk. So naturally, Brookes was not pleased with Lynch.

Ronda Rousey had to warn Big Time Becks not to mention her mom during their heated promo battles

There have been times when two people legitimately talk about one another during promos when they were in a feud. They really get under the skin of one another. Some pull something from real life to make fans go wild.

Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey
Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey (WWE)

Ronda took the initiative during her feud against Becky Lynch. She asked her not to mention her mom during their heated promo battles.

This is what she told in the Wives of Wrestling Podcast,

“I had to at one point tell Becky like, ‘hey Becky. I don’t think you can say anything else with my mom, because when she might kill you if she sees you,” “My mom literally said to me… ‘these people might pay you to put up with this kind of sh*t, no one’s paying me if anyone says sh*t about me, and I see them in person, I’m going to break their f*cking arm.”

Rousey mentioned Lunch when discussing who she had to tell, not mention her mom but not Flair. Lynch clashed with Rousey at WrestleMania last year. 

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