Did Damien Priest stop using The Reckoning?

Damien Priest has been using a new finishing move of late and we haven’t seen him use The Reckoning since the last couple of weeks.

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Damien Priest is not using his finisher as Cody Rhodes is set to return? 2

Damien Priest, who recently turned heel, has been using a new move that looks quite scary as his new persona. The former Intercontinental Champion was using his finisher named ‘The Reckoning’ during his NXT days. It was renamed to ‘Hit the Lights’ when he arrived on the main roster.

Now, over the last couple of weeks, he has been seen using a move he frequently used in NXT called the ‘Razor’s Edge’ or simply known as ‘Crucifix Powerbomb’.

The Razor’s Edge was used by the two-time Hall of Famer Scott Hall, aka Razor Ramon, who recently passed away. The version that Priest uses is more like the one that Shawn Hernandez popularized. Shawn called it Mega Bomb or the Border Toss. Instead of dropping the opponent as Scott did, Hernandez throws the opponent. Priest has already used that move a couple of times on Finn Balor recently.

Cody Rhodes, who recently left AEW has been in the news as he is very close to returning back to WWE. A couple of weeks ago, his return was teased by WWE superstars Edge and The Miz on an episode on RAW. Every week it seems Cody is going to appear in WWE but fans get disappointed when it doesn’t materialize.

However, Damien Priest dropping his finisher could be a huge hint that Cody’s return isn’t far away. Priest’s Hit the Lights finishing move is identical to Cody’s finisher ‘Cross Rhodes’.

As per reports, until and unless Rhodes signs the contract with WWE, the creative team won’t start working on a storyline

According to Fightful Select, Cody wasn’t aware that Priest stopped using his finishing move which resembles the Cross Rhodes. The report also quoted one WWE producer as saying that Priest getting rid of the finisher was no accident.

“WWE agents/producers have not been briefed on a Cody Rhodes impending debut or signing, or told of any plans about it as of yet. Those close to Cody said that he didn’t even know that Damian Priest didn’t use The Reckoning/Cross Rhodes on TV last week until we inquired about it. One WWE producer says they don’t believe that could be an accident, though.”

There were speculations of Cody appearing on this week’s Raw and challenging Seth Rollins for a match at WrestleMania. That, however, didn’t happen. Fans would have to wait on for a little longer as WrestleMania 38 beckons.

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