Cody Rhodes versus Roderick Strong to happen soon?


Roderick Strong is a member of the NXT 2.0 roster while Cody Rhodes recently made his return to WWE at WrestleMania 38. The American Nightmare is currently a member of the RAW roster

Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 38
Cody Rhodes in action at WrestleMania 38 (WWE)

Cody Rhodes and Roderick Strong are both technically gifted competitors. Recently, Roderick Strong posted an image on Twitter where he was delivering a backbreaker during a match on WWE’s developmental brand. He mentioned Cody Rhodes in the tweet, supposedly challenging him to a match.

The former Vice-President of AEW, Cody quote retweeted the tweet saying he is ready for a fight but if Strong hits the backbreaker, then he would have to take early retirement. He also mentioned that Strong is the only member of the list he made in 2016 that he hasn’t faced.

Cody and Strong wrestled in the Ring of Honor promotion previously. Both men won the ROH World Championship on one occasion each.

“I’m game – only wrestler on the fabled list I didn’t get around to fighting

(But if that backbreaker happens, early retirement for me)”

Twitter reactions to the possible match

Fans reacted to the possibility of a Cody Rhodes versus Roderick Strong match and in the following segment, we take a look at the tweets that came in.

Roderick Strong faced off against Dexter Lumis
Dexter Lumis and Roderick Strong (WWE)

Fans were visibly excited to see the two veterans go head to head and a few even wanted Cody to appear on NXT 2.0 to take on Strong.

Cody has been on a roll since his much-anticipated comeback to WWE. After beating Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 38 in a classic match, he defeated the A-lister Miz on RAW last week. Cody said in a backstage segment that he wants to win the World title in WWE.

Cody managed to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship on a couple of occasions and the Tag Team Championship multiple times during his previous stint with the company.

Roderick Strong won the NXT Cruiserweight Championship on one occasion. He won the NXT North American Championship once and also held the NXT Tag Team Championship a couple of times.

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