CM Punk is expected to sign with the AEW in the coming months

CM Punk will be returning to professional wrestling very soon after talks of him signing with All-Elite Wrestling (AEW) have been in full swing.

The former WWE champion also dropped a hint recently that he would be signing with the AEW, after posting an audio clip of Sirius by Alan Parsons Project, which was the song used by the Chicago Bulls in the 90s. The AEW is headed to Chicago in September this year for their All Out specials.

CM Punk
CM Punk

‘Living Colour’, the band that performed his theme song ‘Cult of Personality’ also followed AEW on Twitter and Instagram recently.

With AEW recruiting more and more former WWE veterans and legends, they are slowly becoming a top player in the professional wrestling business.

Punk’s last appearance inside the squared circle was back in the 2014 Royal Rumble. He had a ‘suspected fallout’ with the promotion and had his name removed a couple of months from then.

WWE’s thoughts on CM Punk signing with AEW

Recently, talks of what CM Punk’s ‘old-home’, WWE, felt about him signing with AEW, have been doing the rounds.

It has been learnt from the Ringside News that they were clearly happy with a “headache” like CM Punk signing with All-Elite Wrestling. The WWE also had no interest in bringing back CM Punk, who in fact, left the promotion in a rather distasteful manner.

Steve Carrier of Ringside News wrote in his tweet:

“CM Punk is going to AEW, but how does WWE feel about this? We asked around and received quite an answer. One person told us: ‘Let him be their headache’…It was also doubly confirmed to us that WWE has not had any interest in bringing CM Punk back at all.”

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