Charly Caruso willing to fight Zelina Vega with a crazy stipulation


Charly Caruso wants to fight Zelina Vega in a Shark Cage match with Angel Garza involved

The storyline between Charly Caruso, Angel Garza and Zelina Vega just cannot seem to end.

Caruso is always present to interview Vega and her clients, and she did so again on WWE this Monday night.

Tensions brewing between Zelina Vega and Charly Caruso? (WWE)
Tensions brewing between Zelina Vega and Charly Caruso? (WWE)

While Garza has flirted with Caruso in the past, Vega is dead against the pair. She has hit out at Caruso several times, even calling her a “Two Buck Chuck”. However, Caruso isn’t one to take things lying down and has often said she would be willing to wrestle Vega.

While they haven’t met in a match yet, that hasn’t stopped social media from suggesting different match types.

Caruso recently claimed she was open to a Shark Cage match with Garza also involved. The WWE Raw presented also wanted to know when and where this match would take place:

What is a Shark Cage match?

A Shark Cage match normally has one person lofted high above the ring as two others battle it out. The winner gets to lower the cage, and in the case of Garza, it could mean hitting it off with Caruso.

However, Vega wouldn’t allow this to take place and she does have wrestling history on her side. While she doesn’t wrestle as much on Raw these days, Vega was one of the rising stars on NXT and fought several times.

A Shark Cage match is one of the craziest stipulations in WWE
A Shark Cage match has been held several times in WWE (WWE)

She then teamed up with Andrade and has taken up the manager’s role pretty well. WWE has some crazy stipulations that have been used in the past, but this is something else.

Hopefully, we do see this rivalry blossom further but if this goes to a wrestling match, Vega should have the edge over Caruso.

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