Charly Caruso hit back at a Zelina Vega jibe with a hilarious response

The growing tensions between Zelina Vega and Charly Caruso have been quite noticeable on recent episodes of WWE Raw.

Vega hasn’t reacted too well to her client, Angel Garza, giving Caruso special attention during their interview segments. The latter is usually left swooning by Garza’s charm after each interaction between.

Tensions brewing between Zelina Vega and Charly Caruso? (WWE)
Tensions brewing between Zelina Vega and Charly Caruso? (WWE)

Garza, on occasion, has had a similar effect on Vega as well, as can be seen in the clip below.

Vega and Caruso had been involved in a heated exchange on Twitter last month, when the former even threatened to break the latter’s jaw.

A couple of weeks back on Raw, Garza happened to give Charly a rose following a short segment. Vega then snatched it from the presenter and destroyed it.

Caruso responds to Vega’s latest jibe

During this week’s edition of Raw, Vega intervened when Garza was giving an interview to Charly and referred to her as ‘Two buck Chuck’.

Following the episode, Vega took another shot at Charly. She posted a picture of Trader Joe’s ‘Two buck Chuck’ inserting Charly’s image over the bottle of wine.

Charly, not one to take it lying down, replied, thanking Vega for thinking she was ‘world famous’. She wrote on Twitter:

““World famous”…yep, that sounds about right. Thanks for the compliment sweetie.”

This is an interesting development, but it remains to be seen if it does lead to something in the future.

Vega hasn’t been involved in in-ring action for some time now. Caruso, though, is not a wrestler. But WWE have a history of thrusting presenters and commentators into in-ring action in the past.

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