Cain Velasquez opens up on his WWE release


Cain Velasquez sheds more light on his WWE release 

Former WWE star Cain Velasquez was released by WWE last year due to low budget issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic 

Cain Velasquez
Cain Velasquez has been released by WWE (Getty)

Velasquez made an appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani (h/t Wrestling News) and talked about his WWE departure. He mentioned that he was thrown all at once. However, he was there for whatever they wanted him to build.

The former MMA star stated that he is not that hurt as he expects a lot from himself as a person.

“It is what it is man. That was just me going into it and really just trying to figure out what it was. It was all thrown at me at once, whole new origination. I was there for whatever anybody needed as far as to have me build into whatever they wanted me to build into. That didn’t happen this turnaround. I’m sorry to everyone that I let down. That does hurt me as well because I expect a lot out of myself.”

Cain Velasquez mentioned that he was not used more before his WWE release

Cain also mentioned in the interview that the company rarely used him. He mentioned that WWE was planning something for him with some lucha wrestlers, but that didn’t happen as COVID. Although he even pointed that the company wanted only the core guys to be a part of that time and not others, in the end, he said that the company didn’t use him correctly.

Cody Rhodes worked with Cain Velasquez in AAA
Cody Rhodes worked with Cain Velasquez in AAA

“They just didn’t use me, I wasn’t called to go in for them to use me. At one point they told me we were going to go do something with some of the lucha guys and when that time came close, we were deep into COVID. They were like, ‘we’re just doing the shows this way like we just need these core guys right now.’ They just needed me to develop a lot more and I wasn’t there. So they really couldn’t use me in that way.”

Velasquez worked for AAA before WWE signed him but only competed in two matches, one against Brock Lensar for the WWE title at Crown Jewel PPV and the other in a tag-team match.

Cain Velasquez lost his only televised WWE match to Brock Lesnar
Velasquez lost is only televised WWE match to Brock Lesnar

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