Randy Orton vs Charlotte Flair could be a huge hit, according to Bully Ray and Dave LaGreca

Dave LaGreca and Bully Ray nearly spent the majority of the latest Busted Open podcast teasing Randy Orton vs Charlotte Flair.

Orton had punt kicked Edge to win at Backlash and did the same to Christian on Raw. However, Ric Flair, Charlotte’s father, helped Orton by delivering a low blow to Christian.

Randy Orton punt kicked Christian Cage
Randy Orton punt kicked Christian Cage (WWE)

Ric was also speaking to his daughter Charlotte in one segment, and this is what Bully and LaGreca picked up on.

Christian and Edge seem to be out for a while and LaGreca and Bully spoke about what is next for Orton:

“This is going to sound ridiculous, but something struck me funny last night”, started Bully.

Bully claimed he couldn’t get much from the Charlotte Flair and Ric segment, but linked the pieces together after the attack on Christian.

Bully also brought up Orton and Ric being in Evolution, but criticised him for doing it to Christian, but teased a big plan:

“Do you think that Charlotte would ever be annoyed at what her dad did? Ric’s always calling Charlotte ‘the best wrestler’, and he is always calling Randy ‘the best wrestler’.

“What if dad had to make a decision on who the best really was? Charlotte or Randy? We’ve Charlotte say in interviews, she wants to wrestle a man and if you are going to wrestle a man, is there any man better than Randy Orton?”

A huge clash for WWE

LaGreca added that Orton started off Raw by saying he won the greatest wrestling match ever, and that made him the greatest wrestler. He also added that Charlotte had pretty much won everything in WWE and started linking Ric, Orton and Charlotte.

Asuka lost to Charlotte Flair
Asuka in action against Charlotte Flair (WWE)

Bully claimed that Orton vs Charlotte could be at SummerSlam, and that would be a problem for Ric. He would have to decide which corner to be at, and this is what the story could revolve around.

Would he link up with his protege Orton or would he support his daughter and blood?

“If I had a pencil in my hand, it would be booked already. That would be my match for SummerSlam”, added Bully.

The two co-hosts further expanded on the plans and even suggested that Orton could attack Ric in the areas where the legend had surgery to take the story to another level.

Orton and Charlotte could also meet in an Iron person match to find out who is the best if they wanted to do it in one match.

Ric Flair has won many titles during his wrestling career
Ric Flair attends WWE 20th Anniversary Celebration Marking Premiere of WWE Friday Night SmackDown. (Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images)

They could also meet at WrestleMania and this match would attract a lot of mainstream attention since it featured two of the best ever.

LaGreca and Bully conceded that inter-gender matches have taken place in other promotions. However, a setting like WrestleMania or SummerSlam featuring Orton and Charlotte would be huge for WWE and all parties involved.

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