Bully Ray makes big RKBro prediction after Matt Riddle beats Drew McIntyre


Matt Riddle booked his ticket for Money in the Bank but his RKBro teammate, Randy Orton, couldn’t do that

WWE seems to have hit some gold with the RKBro team of Randy Orton and Matt Riddle.

The pair are polar opposites but seem to be working quite well. Orton and Riddle had some incredible wins as a tag team but they were in singles action on Raw.

Riddle faced Drew McIntyre for a place in the Money in the Bank match at the PPV. McIntyre was coming off a tough Hell in a Cell loss to Bobby Lashley, and he might not have been 100%.

Randy Orton and Matt Riddle are team RKBro
Randy Orton was unhappy after losing on Raw (WWE)

Riddle possibly got the biggest win of his singles career as he defeated McIntyre and booked his place for the PPV.

Wrestling legend, Bully Ray, watched the match and lauded both McIntyre and Riddle for their efforts. He also made a bold prediction that RKBro would be a huge hit once the fans were back.

“Riddle continues to impress … and #RKBro is gonna be monster over when fans come back.”

Riddle certainly has been excellent and part of that has been his natural gimmick of being a “bro”.

Randy Orton hearing voices in his head

This Raw was certainly interesting as Riddle booked his spot in the MITB PPV but Orton lost to John Morrison.

The Miz was responsible for this but Orton losing this match was certainly unexpected. The Viper wasn’t ready to celebrate after his loss and it will be interesting to see how this angle progresses next week.

Randy Orton carries the nickname of The Viper in WWE
John Morrison in action against Randy Orton (WWE)

Orton does have another chance of making it to MITB as he is in a triple threat match with AJ Styles and McIntyre.

Riddle, while speaking on Raw Talk, also was willing to use the MITB briefcase for a tag team title shot with Orton, should he win it.

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