Dave LaGreca and Bully Ray believe Drew McIntyre’s time as champion could be over


Drew McIntyre tested positive for Covid-19 earlier this week

WWE Heavyweight champion Drew McIntyre tested positive for Covid-19 earlier this week and hence, could not make it on this week’s WWE Monday Night RAW.

McIntyre is asymptomatic and is scheduled to return just before the Royal Rumble at the end of January. He was present on RAW last week where he beat Keith Lee to retain his belt.

The episode ended with the returning Goldberg challenging the Scotsman to the title at the first PPV of 2021.

Despite being unable to show up, he uploaded a video accepting the challenge. And now, Bully Ray and Dave LaGreca think that his reign as the WWE champ may well be over due to testing positive for the virus.

Testing positive for Covid-19 might take the belt away from Drew McIntyre

Speaking on the latest episode of the Busted Open podcast, both Ray and LaGreca speculated what testing positive for Covid-19 would mean for The Chosen One.

LaGreca says that Goldberg may just win the belt as he wins a championship every time he makes a comeback.

“Every time he has returned, he has become a champion. It was the Universal Championship [last time].”

LaGreca says that the promotion mentioning Goldberg not winning the WWE championship may point towards him being the new champion at the end of the month.

Drew McIntyre tested positive for Covid-19.
Drew McIntyre and Goldberg faced off on RAW. (WWE)

Ray further adds that WWE could play angle with his positive Covid-19 test in case they wanted Goldberg to win.

“I don’t mind using the fact that Drew has Covid as a base of a story if Goldberg was going to win. Listen, Drew got it at the wrong time, and timing is everything.”

The former WWE wrestler then mentions that perhaps he could be portrayed as weak due to his battle with Covid. While what Ray and LaGreca is interesting, WWE might not take a punt at such a sensitive issue if that wasn’t the case in real life as well.

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