Brock Lesnar Covid-19 situation could be a concern for WWE


Does Brock Lesnar abide by Covid-19 rules?

Brock Lesnar is not new to not following the rules. The former WWE Champion has caught himself in a midst drama again. Billi Bhatti on Keepin’ it 100 with Konan revealed that Lesnar is not vaccinated.

Brock Lesnar Paul Heyman
Brock Lesnar on SmackDown (WWE)

It is also being reported that WWE were not aware of the fact that Lesnar was unvaccinated before making an appearance on SmackDown at Madison Square Garden.

In an event where the fans were allowed only if they were vaccinated Lesnar was able to enter as this rules was not for the performers. On the other hand WWE diva Sasha Banks was recently suspended for not following Covid protocols.

Sasha Banks Bianca Belair
Sasha Banks was recently suspended (Twitter)

It seems like Lesnar is able to get away with anything he wants to. The beast has been able to do things that others get punished for. Even when directly comparing the Covid situation, Banks was suspended whereas no action has been taken against Lesnar for a possible hazard.

Is being unvaccinated a possible health hazard for others?

Covid-19 has caused massive destruction all over the world. With millions of people also losing their lives to it. Vaccines have come as a savior to fight the virus. Unvaccinated people can possible carrier of the virus. Though the vaccine is there provide immunity against it but as the virus is evolving you never know what can be of a possible threat.

Covid Vaccine (The Strait Times)

With vaccination becoming a major criteria to be involved in any sort of public activity. It is the need of the hour for your safety as well as other’s.

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