Brian Myers slams WWE’s tribute for Brodie Lee (AKA Luke Harper) on Raw


WWE paid tribute to Brodie Lee (AKA Luke Harper) on RAW but not to everyone’s satisfaction

WWE was “not right” with its tribute to the recently departed Brodie Lee of AEW; this is the view of former WWE wrestler Bryan Myers (AKA Curt Hawkins).

Jon Huber, better known by his in-ring names Brodie Lee in AEW and Luke Harper in WWE, passed away on 26th December.

He died due to a lung disease unrelated to Covid-19. The wrestling world came together to pay their tributes to the 41-year-old and honour his legacy.

Bryan Myers thinks WWE didnt do enough in their tribute to Brodie Lee
Luke Harper was released by WWE. (WWE)

On the 28th December episode of RAW, WWE started the show with an image of Jon Huber. The photo read “In memory of Jon Huber, ‘Luke Harper’, 1979-2020”.

The same image was posted on WWE’s official Twitter account. This tribute to ‘The Exalted One’ was not enough, according to Myers, who was released by WWE in April 2020 due to budget cuts resulting from Covid-19.

WWE paid its tribute to the life of Jon Huber (AKA Luke Harper) on Monday Night RAW. (WWE)
WWE paid its tribute to the life of Jon Huber (AKA Luke Harper) on Monday Night RAW. (WWE)

Myers thinks WWE could have done more with their tribute to Brodie Lee

Myers quoted the image and mentioned all that was lacking. He stated that there was no 10-bell salute or a video package, and that it was “not right” to everyone who was grieving for him.

WWE did make a lot of changes to the RAW episode as a way of remembering Huber. There were references by commentators, wrestlers, as well as various little touches to honour Huber’s time with the promotion.

It should also be understood that WWE might not have wanted to hog all the attention. Huber was appointed by AEW and that could have been one reason why they didn’t go overboard.

Many stars Harper’s finisher on the show while Xavier Woods spoke passionately about his friend on Raw Talk too.

A great wrestler was lost this week and while a tribute from both AEW and WWE will honour his extraordinary legacy, wrestling fans don’t need any reminder of what a wonderful wrestler and person Huber was.

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