Bray Wyatt was set on fire by Randy Orton at TLC 2020

WWE TLC 2020 ended in the most shocking way possible as Bray Wyatt was set on fire by Randy Orton.

The two were booked to fight each other in a ‘Firefly inferno’ match at the main event, where The Viper emerged as the winner.

The ‘Firefly’ bit added to the traditional inferno match meant that there was more fire than ever before in a WWE ring, with the whole Thunderdome looking like it was set ablaze.

In what looked like a pre-recorded ending, Randy Orton stood victorious on ringside as Bryan Wyatt’s alter ego, ‘The Fiend’, lay burning the middle of the ring.

Wyatt caught fire outside the ring before having gasoline poured all over him by Orton.

It was one of the most shocking endings the promotion has done since probably Survivor Series 2000 when ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin dropped a car from 30 feet above the ground with Triple H still inside.

In addition to the event, Bray Wyatt went on to post a cryptic message that leaves a shadow over his character’s progression.

Randy Orton set fire to The Fiend at TLC 2020. (WWE)
Randy Orton set fire to The Fiend at TLC 2020. (WWE)

Bray Wyatt leaves fans guessing with his tweet after TLC 2020

Wyatt posted a tweeted with an ominous photo, captioned “thank you”. The tweet not long after his alter ego, The Fiend, was burnt by Orton at the TLC 2020 main event.

The message, which also features a circle at the end, has left everyone guessing about his future.

WWE treats Bray Wyatt and ‘The Fiend’ as two different characters. Hence, it would most likely not mean an end for Wyatt with the promotion even if they choose to discard Wyatt’s alternate moniker.

It is also likely that Wyatt’s Firefly Funhouse segment also continues. But this, for sure, is not the end of either Wyatt or The Fiend.

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