Braun Strowman shares his reaction to WWE release


Braun Strowman shared his thoughts in depth after WWE release 

Adam Scherr aka, Braun Strowman, was recently released by WWE, which shocked him. Strowman has turned down multiple offers from various pro wrestling companies. 

Braun Strowman WWE Return
Braun Strowman

The former WWE Superstar appeared as a guest on Control Your Narrative (h/t EWrestling) and spoke about his departure from WWE, 

Strowman stated that he didn’t want it to end like this. He mentioned that people generally leave the company when they are done with wrestling, but he was pretty forced to leave in his case. Strowman even said that he would never wrestle for another company even though he has got offers.

Lastly, he ended by saying that he never got the opportunity to return, sending him to the wrong place.

“Did it end how I wanted it to? Of course not. I know people always…I’ve been hearing it a ton, ‘You said you’d never wrestle again when you were done with WWE.’ Well, I was forced to be done. I said I would never wrestle for another company when I took my boots off for WWE. I never took my boots off, I never had an opportunity to put them back on and come back to work. I ain’t gonna lie, it sent me to a pretty bad place.”

WWE superstar Braun Strowman took the WWE release in a tough way

The former WWE Champion talked about how hard it was for him to realize that he had been released when asked about his reaction to release.

Braun Strowman AEW
Braun Strowman has one many WWE titles in his career

Strowman said that the wrestling business is very cutthroat, and many people go through the same phase. It is like a roller coaster ride. When you are up, everyone gets the praise, but when u go down, they will bury you out of nowhere. 

He said that it is a tough pill to swallow. He mentioned that he believes that he has been put to this earth to inspire more people. Lastly, he said that the fans gave him the path to fix himself and a platform to control himself.

“It’s a hard thing to realize, the wrestling business is very cutthroat. There are a lot of fairweather friends that came and went through this whole process. Praising and lifting you up when you’re on top of the mountain, but when the mountain crumbles beneath your feet, they are standing and kicking dirt on top of you and continue to bury you. It’s a hard reality pill that I had to swallow. Seeing literally my life’s work slip through my fingertips. I always said, I feel like God put me on this earth to be a WWE superstar, and for awhile he did.

“When the realization of hitting what my rock bottom is, I realized I was put on this earth for more. I was put on this earth to inspire people. What you guys have allowed me to do is to fix myself and what was going on with me and my depression and anger and rage for things in my life that I couldn’t control. You gave me a platform and a place to be able to control myself and tear myself down.”

In his last match, Braun went up against Bobby Lashley but couldn’t win it. as Lashley got the victory with a devastating spear.

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