Braun Strowman reminds fans of his incredible strength from Strongman days


Braun Strowman had an impressive Strongman career before his wrestling exploits

WWE wrestler Braun Strowman used to compete in Strongman events before he signed with the wrestling promotion.

The Monster Among Men obtained his Strongman Corporation (ASC) professional card after he won the NAS Amateur National Championship in November 2011.

He later won the Arnold Amateur Strongman Championship in 2012. This earned him an invite to the prestigious Arnold Strongman Classic in 2013.

After competing in various other Strongman events, he chose a different path for his career. Adam Scherr (AKA Braun Strowman) signed with WWE in early 2013 to begin a long and successful wrestling career.

Strowman Miz
Braun Strowman against The Miz on WWE RAW. (WWE)

And now, the Mountain of a Man reminded his fans on Instagram of his olden days.

Braun Strowman shares fond memory of his Strongman days

The 6′ 8″ wrestler shared a photo of him lifting almost 2500lb-heavy wheel barrel. He tagged two of his friends to mention that he misses the sport.

Braun Strowman during his strongman days. (Image Credits: @adamscherr99 on Instagram)
Braun Strowman during his strongman days. (Image Credits: @adamscherr99 on Instagram)

He writes that it is from his first Strongman event, which is presumably the NAS Amateur National Championship in 2011, which he won to gain his professional strongman card.

However, Strowman adds that he was always meant to be a WWE superstar. It is impressive that he has had two wildly successful careers, and thankfully for us wrestling fans, he chose to forward his WWE ambitions.

In WWE, he is making strides after strides and has only grown after his stint as a member of the Wyatt Family with Bryan Wyatt, Erick Rowan, and Luke Harper.

Braun Strowman attacks Adam Pearce
Braun Strowman lashed out at Adam Pearce on Raw (WWE)

Strowman’s ‘black sheep’ mask gained notoriety and his time after that saw him win several individual titles. Strowman has won the Universal Championship, Money in the Bank, and the Intercontinental belt amongst many other championships.

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