Braun Strowman shares frustration as he counts down days before returning to action


Braun Strowman is a free agent after being released by WWE but his non-compete clause is an issue

Former WWE Champion Braun Strowman was one of the shock releases made by the company recently.

Adam Scherr, who was called Braun Strowman, during his days with WWE was cut alongside other stars such as Aleister Black.

Braun Strowman was recently released by WWE
Braun Strowman was also shockingly released by WWE recently (WWE)

However, Strowman took this in his stride and was pleased with all that he had achieved in WWE. The former champion was apparently cut due to his large contract, and it is to be seen where he might end up.

Black, for his part, came out as Malakai Black on AEW last night. This was a bit of a shock given that WWE talents normally have 90-day non-compete clauses in their contracts.

WWE might have failed to update that for Black as he came out in less than 30 days, and Strowman also shared his frustration of not being able to wrestle.

“I can’t help but think about how much I like beating people up!!!!!! How many more days do I have till in out of jail???

“I wanna fight!!!!!”

Strowman has been enjoying his time off as he is working on not only cars but also his house, but he is too good a wrestler not to be in action.

AEW calling out Braun Strowman?

AEW has become the home for a lot of released WWE stars in recent months. Black, Andrade and even Christian Cage have joined and are doing well.

Mark Henry, who become a shock signing for AEW after years with WWE, also spoke about bringing Strowman over to the promotion.

It is to be seen how long Strowman’s non-compete clause is. It is likely that WWE was able to update his contract to the full 90-days, so we might have to wait a little bit more before the Monster is back in action.

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