Booker T unhappy with Tony Khan’s regular WWE call outs


WWE Hall of Famer Booker T is not happy with AEW President Tony Khan 

AEW President Tony Khan has played some games by calling out WWE on multiple occasions over the past week. Unfortunately, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T was not impressed with Khan. 

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Booker T

In the recent episode of the “Hall of Fame” podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer (h/t Ewrestling News) took a dig at the AEW President and mentioned that companies take dig at one another, but a boss should not behave like this as he won’t be present in the battlefield doing the work as he will be strategizing stuff and everybody else will be following him in the war zone,

“So I’m not saying one company shouldn’t throw digs or anything like that. I’m just talking about the boss. The boss normally lets all of the soldiers — I mean, just say the commander in chief. He ain’t gonna be on the battlefield doing the work. All right? He’s gonna be in the war room, strategizing with all the generals, and then you got everybody else out there in the war zone working.”

AEW beat WWE in key demo(411Mania)

Booker T is not a fan of AEW President Tony Khan

The WWE Hall of Famer continued saying about the AEW President in the podcast and mentioned that calling out WWE regularly is not so good for AEW and him. He noted that AEW is doing shows in the Arthur Ashe Stadium, but they will be getting the Target Center soon. Booker sort of made a challenge that if they produce there, AEW won’t be saying much then.

Tony Khan
Tony Khan (wrestling Inc)

“Calling out WWE regularly, talking about WWE on a regular basis. Me personally? I don’t think it does a whole lot for AEW. Me personally! Now what I think does AEW a hell of a service? Doing shows like they did at [Arthur] Ashe Stadium, okay? They got Target Center coming up. Go out there and produce! And I think, you ain’t gotta talk about it. And it’s a saying, man: ‘You can talk about it, or you can be about it.’ Which one do you wanna be? If you go out and produce, you ain’t gotta say nothing. It’s right here!”

This considerable discussion started when AEW President Tony Khan began taking digs at WWE and Twitter to reveal that he “couldn’t wait” for AEW Rampage to beat WWE SmackDown in the ratings, which eventually did happen when the two shows went head-to-head.

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