Bobby Lashley explains why he has never faced Brock Lesnar


Bobby Lashley vs Brock Lesnar is one of the most anticipated clashes in WWE

Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar are the two of the biggest wrestlers in the world of WWE and have been in this business for a number of years. But, strangely they have never fought each other inside the ring.

Lashley has wrestled over 500 matches, while Lesnar has over 300 WWE matches under his belt. Lashley recently spoke with Josh Martinez on YouTube and said that people don’t want him or Lesnar to face each other.

“Because the people around him don’t want to make it happen. I’m always prepared. I am in my final run, I have a few years left, but I am open for anything.”

Bobby Lashley MITB
Bobby Lashley and Lesnar has never gone against each other

“I train, I’m always in shape, I’m always ready to go. So, it’s never something where you have to call me up and you have to wait months and weeks, I am ready to go right now.”

Fans have been waiting for a match between Lashley and Lesnar since the Almighty returned to the promotion back in 2018. But unfortunately the match hasn’t taken place as of yet.

Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar history!

Brock Lesnar back
Lesnar has been in WWE for more than a decade now.

Lashley debuted in WWE in 2005 and by then Lesnar had already left the company to pursue other ventures. When Lesnar returned to WWE in 2012, Lashley was away from wrestling for five years. Lashley returned in 2018, which meant that he and Lesnar were finally on the same roster at the same time.

Lashley also said that he won’t be a professional wrestler for much time now as he is already 45. Meanwhile, Lesnar is 44 – so the time is running out for the fans to see both legends of the game face to face.

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WWE has a history of failing to book “dream matches” (Sting vs. The Undertaker, The Rock vs. HBK, and Lesnar Vs. Batista to name a few). So, it should not be surprising that WWE denies people once again what they are dreaming about. 

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