Bobby Lashley wants to put Goldberg away for good at Crown Jewel


Bobby Lashley claims to make light work of Goldberg at Crown Jewel

The rivalry between Bobby Lashley and Goldberg has been one of the most heated things in the WWE recently. Lashley and Goldberg are also set to lock horns again on the upcoming Crown Jewel PPV.

Recently, Lashley took to Twitter and made his intentions clear of wanting to put Goldberg away for good. The former WWE champion said:

“9 days. Goldberg gets put down FOR GOOD!”

Lashley has certainly made his evil intentions clear for Goldberg and wants to earn yet another victory over him. Goldberg, however, will not make things easy for his arch nemesis. Goldberg will look to get revenge for what Lashley did back at SummerSlam.

How did things get personal between Goldberg and Bobby Lashley?

The things between Lashley and Goldberg have certainly been made personal since SummerSlam. Since then, WWE had been looking to set up a mega fight between Lashley and Goldberg at the Crown Jewel PPV.

Goldberg son
Goldberg raging after Bobby Lashley’s attack on his son Gage (WWE)

After their match at SummerSlam, Lashley went ahead and attacked Goldberg’s son Gage which has certainly made Goldberg look for revenge. Gage ran in to help his father but was attacked by Lashley. He was put in a Hurt lock by Lashley.

Goldberg appeared on Raw a couple of weeks ago and made it clear that he was coming back for revenge. He spoke about how he promised to take care of his son and will also have to make Lashley his victim for his actions. The two are set to face at Crown Jewel in a No Holds Barred match which will certainly allow them to hurt each other real bad.

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