Bobby Lashley and MVP claim they are having a blast as a pair on WWE

It hasn’t been very long since Bobby Lashley aligned with MVP on WWE Raw. But, boy the duo have delivered!

Joining hands with MVP has seemingly turned him into a single-minded beast with an eye on the WWE Universal Championship.

A character turn that has worked wonders for Lashley, after having been involved in deadbeat storylines for almost his entire second spell with WWE. MVP, too, has been the perfect mouthpiece for the All Mighty.

Lashley lost to Drew McIntyre at Backlash (WWE)
Lashley lost to Drew McIntyre at Backlash (WWE)

This has seen Lashley getting thrust into the Championship scenes. And, while he did lose against Drew McIntyre at WWE Backlash last Sunday, fans have been left mighty impressed.

Lashley and MVP having a blast

Given the brilliant performances that both Lashley and MVP have been doling out week after week of late, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the duo have been enjoying working together.

Lashley and MVP are having a blast on Raw
Lashley and MVP are having a blast on Raw

MVP recently tweeted saying:

“Hey! Check this out.. Seriously, I’m having SO MUCH FUN right now!!!!”

Responding to his manager, Lashley wrote back: “Likewise brotha.”

Following the defeat to McIntyre on Backlash, Lashley and MVP were involved in a tag team match against the WWE Universal champion and R-Truth.

They may have ended up losing the bout, but the rivalry between the All Mighty and McIntyre continued.

At the same time, there were also hints dropped that the stable might get bigger with Shelton Benjamin considering joining up with the duo, while United States Champion Apollo Crews has also been approached by MVP.

WWE are finally getting it right with Lashley and hopefully, they don’t muck it up in the coming weeks.

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