Bianca Belair compares her two consecutive WrestleMania performances


Bianca Belair is one of the top names on the female roster in WWE. The EST of WWE’s rise to the top hasn’t taken too long as WWE identified her talent and pushed her towards glory.

Bianca Belair
Bianca Belair compares her two consecutive WrestleMania performances 4

Bianca Belair won the RAW Women’s Championship from Becky Lynch at this year’s WrestleMania. Last year, the 33-year-old won the SmackDown Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 37 from another veteran, Sasha Banks.

Belair joined the Complex Unsanctioned podcast and spoke about her match with Becky Lynch.

“That was the goal [to have the best match of the night on WrestleMania Saturday]. It was an amazing night. For me, being in Dallas, because it was special to me because the first — when Mania was in Dallas last time, that was the year that I started in WWE, so I actually missed that WrestleMania so, it felt like it was full circle and it was the biggest crowd I had ever performed in front of so, to be in the ring with Becky Lynch who is amazing and to just make history again, you know? It was the only time that the only two women who main evented WrestleMania going head-to-head with each other so, of course we had to bring main event energy to WrestleMania.”

Bianca was asked to compare her two epic WrestleMania matches. Initially, she was struggling to compare them both but eventually, she gave a few points to differentiate the two matches on what they meant to her.

She said that her match with Banks was about proving herself as she was still new in the company. However, it meant a lot to her as she along with Banks became the first two Black women to close WrestleMania. The match with Lynch was more personal because of her well-built feud with “The Man”.

Bianca Belair feels that the match with Becky Lynch was more personal

“No, I can’t compare them because they’re so different [her back-to-back WrestleMania title wins]. You know, last year going into WrestleMania and main eventing with Sasha Banks, making history, being the first time that two Black women have ever main evented WrestleMania, walking out as SmackDown Women’s Champion, you know, last year was me going in as a rookie. I was going in just trying to just prove myself and I had nothing to lose. I was out there just giving it all I had and I was just excited and grateful to be there and um, those nerves were completely different now to this year where I felt like I had a little bit more experience and I wasn’t walking in as a rookie.”

“Now I was walking in as a former WrestleMania main event winner and former champion and so now I had this reputation that I had to live up to but also, this year, it was more personal. You know, going against Becky Lynch and the fact this year, WrestleMania kind of tied into last year’s WrestleMania because the title that Becky Lynch took from me was the title that I won at last year’s WrestleMania so, this year, the nerves were so different but it was like I was making history again but it was more personal and more of a redemption more so than just trying to prove myself.”

Bianca Belair wants to venture into acting someday

Bianca Belair was asked if she would be interested in a career in acting. The RAW Women’s Champion didn’t rule out the possibility. She said she is currently focused on WWE but in the future, she would love to start her acting career.

“Listen, listen [Bianca laughed], I’m in WWE right now. I never imagined myself being a WWE superstar and I can’t imagine myself being anything other than what I am now. But, listen, I would love to eventually go to Hollywood and be in movies and act and I just feel so alive when I’m able to perform in front of people and so, um, yeah, that’s definitely the goal, that’s definitely the goal.”

“There would be no Bianca Belair without Triple H.” – Bianca Belair credited her success to Triple H

Bianca Belair revealed that Triple H was the first person that believed in her talent in WWE. She also mentioned how The Game had helped many superstars like her to realize their potential in WWE.

Triple H and Tomasso Ciampa at NXT Stand & Deliver
Triple H and Tomasso Ciampa at NXT Stand & Deliver (Twitter)

“Oh definitely, there would be no Bianca Belair without Triple H. I mean he was such a huge part of the development of who I am in the ring. You know, he was the first person that believed in me, first person that put me on that stage and introduced me to the WWE universe. He was the first person who pulled me aside after the Mae Young Classic and let me know that this is what I was born to do and gave me that confirmation that you’re walking in your purpose.

“He is just — he’s special and he’s contributed to so many people’s careers inside the ring and outside the ring but I think what’s amazing about him is — I mean it’s amazing, the accomplishments that he’s done inside the ring and the amazing superstar he was as ‘Triple H’.

“But I say this and I mean this with every bone in my body, I think the most impactful things that he has done are the things he’s done outside the ring and what he did in NXT. It’s just so impactful and so inspiring; who he is as a person inside the ring, outside of the ring and he’s retired but, I’m just excited to see what he’s gonna do with his next steps in life because I know it’s gonna be something amazing.”

Bianca Belair feels her husband Montez Ford is apt for reality TV

Bianca Belair and Montez Ford got married on June 23, 2018. Both are currently on the RAW brand. Ford and Angelo Dawkins are a tag team known as The Street Profits.

Bianca Belair
Bianca Belair with Montez Ford and her kids (Pinterest)

Belair was asked if she would be interested to do some TV reality shows with her husband Montez Ford. Belair once again didn’t rule out the chance of that happening. She also explained how Ford was ready-made for reality TV.

“Listen, my husband [Montez Ford], I think he’s meant for reality TV. He’s a walking reality TV show. I’m the one that’s trying to keep up all the time but, I’m a person, I never say never and all I can say is um… I will say stay tuned [Belair laughed].”

Bianca Belair opens up on her special WrestleMania entrance

Bianca Belair’s WrestleMania 38 entrance included Texas Southern University’s band playing her to the ring.

“HBCU band, you know, it’s part of my culture, it’s part of my childhood.” – Bianca Belair

“Man so, I’ve wanted to do a band entrance and I wanted it to be an HBCU band. You know, I call myself the EST of WWE and one of the things that I always talk about is just being unapologetically me and bringing my full self to the table and you know, anybody that knows the history of HBCU bands, anyone that’s heard an HBCU band, you know, it’s part of my culture, it’s part of my childhood. Even the high school that I went to, my high school band mimicked an HBCU band so, who am I and so I was like, I just wanna bring my full self to the grandest stage of them all and I wanna represent for my culture and I wanna represent the history behind it and there’s nothing bigger than an HBCU band.”

Anybody that’s ever seen it, you go to football games and you’re more so watching the band than the football game. But I knew that Texas Southern [University] would help me shine and they would shine bright out there and they would just bring a new type of energy to WrestleMania that’s really never been seen much before, you know? So I just really wanted to give them that platform and I knew that they would just really come out as the best entrance of the weekend so that’s really why I wanted to bring the HBCU band out there with me.”

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