“Needs his training camp” – Becky Lynch compares herself with Conor McGregor after ducking Bianca Belair


WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch compares herself with UFC legend Conor McGregor

Becky Lynch recently appeared in the WWE‘ The Bump show where Becky compared herself with UFC Legend Conor McGregor and ducked about Bianca Belair completely. 

Conor McGregor Statue
Conor McGregor

According to WWE’s The Bump (h/t Thirsty for News), Becky stated quite clearly that even Conor wouldn’t have fought on an hour’s notice like she did in SummerSlam. Additionally, big Time Beck pointed out that McGregor needs his training camp before fighting in a major event.

“Look, would you expect Conor McGregor to take a fight on an hour’s notice? No! He needs his training camp. He needs his fighting camp. I need my fight camp. But, unfortunately, I haven’t had my fight camp.”

Lynch also pointed fingers at Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce for letting her wait till Extreme Rules, and that is why she robbed people last week.

“I call the shots. I say when I’m gonna have my match. When I fight, it’s a big event. I don’t want to throw that away willy-nilly. I need to give people time to tune in, not just drop it on them. But now, I have to wait until Extreme Rules, so I robbed the people last week. That was my fault? . It was Sonya Deville’s fault. It was Adam Pearce’s fault, not my fault.”

Big Time Becks returned at SummerSlam against Bianca Belair

Beck Lynch made her surprising return to WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view w after being away from the ring for a year and a half since she had a child.

Becky Lynch at SummerSlam 2021
Becky Lynch celebrates winning the SmackDown title at SummerSlam 2021 (WWE)

She made a shocking return to the event as she was directly placed in a title event against Bianca Belair.

Lynch defeated Belair in just 26 seconds and created history. Ever since her return, she has sought inspiration from other stars and compared herself with other big stars like The Rock. It will be great to see whether she will be able to defend her title or not.

However, she is not the WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion and will defend her title against Belair at the WWE Extreme Rules.

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