Becky Lynch reacts after beating Bianca Belair with a roll-up


Becky Lynch defeated Bianca Belair yet again on this week’s Monday night Raw

The Man Becky Lynch has continued her dominant run since returning to the WWE back in August. This week on Monday night Raw she squared of with one of her frequent challengers in the past few months Bianca Belair. This was both Lynch’s and Belair’s first match up on Raw as the WWE drafts finally came in to effect after the Crown Jewel PPV.

The Man managed to beat Belair yet again and has reacted to her victory over Twitter, have a look:

““There is no terrible way to win. There is only winning.”- Becky Lynch – September 2021”

Lynch referenced her victory which she earned via a roll up with her tweet and made it known that a win is win as she quoted herself. The Raw women’s champion rolled up Belair after hitting her head on to an exposed turnbuckle to get the three count and retain her title.

What is next for Becky Lynch?

Lynch has been on a steam roll ever since returning to the WWE. Her only defeat came in just days before her Crown Jewel match up when she faced Sasha Banks on SmackDown. It is worth noting that that defeat was a result of constant distraction from Belair who was ringside during the match.

Becky Lynch 1
Becky Lynch will seek a new challenge (WWE)

The Man has face Belair multiple times now and it seems like the storyline has to change in the coming days. She might be moving towards a new challenge on Raw. It will be interesting to see what does the future holds for the WWE Raw women’s champion.

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