Bayley claims she has no idea who Eva Marie is


Bayley took a shot at Eva Marie on social media

WWE star Bayley is putting up some banter on her Twitter with WWE star Eva Marie. She claims that she has no idea who Eva Marie is.

Bayley ACL Injury

Bailey posted a Tweet yesterday saying that she loves the Bay Area, to which WWE star Eva Marie commented that she too loved the place. But sadly got a befitting reply from The Role Model.

The former SmackDown Women’s Champion is out of the in-ring action for a long time now since she suffered an injury in July, and on the other hand, Marie has appeared in WWE TV quite consistently.

This could turn out to be a funny banter between Bayley and Eva Marie. 

Fans have really enjoyed this Banter between the two WWE superstars and expressed their reaction through replies. After looking at this reply, the fans also mentioned the time when Bayley said that she loved being in the ring with Marie. 

Bayley has mentioned in the past that she loves being in the ring with Eva Marie while talking to Digital Spy,

“I thought it was amazing… I love being in a ring with Eva Marie because of the crowd reaction she gets. It also helps me feed off of it. Even being in the ring with her is something really special.

“This may sound funny – I’ve never heard fans boo somebody as much as they boo her. To me it’s amazing because the fans really care about what’s going on in the ring.

This Banter turned out to be a hilarious one, and Bayley might be joking. It will be interesting to see how Marie will respond to this.

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