Baron Corbin reacts as MJF launches his own cryptocurrency


Maxwell Jacob Friedman better known as MJF launched his own cryptocurrency recently

With the NFT hype slowly dying down, people have gone back to the OG – cryptocurrency.

The recent advent of Doge Coin, and the immense presence of Bitcoin and Ethereum has seen a lot of users jump into the cryptocurrency scene of late.

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More recently, AEW star Maxwell Jacob Friedman, announced that he was going to launch his own cryptocurrency.

In a tweet, he wrote that both Doge and Bitcoin were garbage and the $MJF coin was the real deal. It was a creator coin, created using

Besides the tweet, he shared two images on how to get the coin immediately.

“Doge? Garbage Bitcoin? Garbage. $MJF COIN? … Better than you and you know it! Click the link after reading. Or stay poor idc.,”

With that, MJF became the first-ever wrestler to release their own cryptocurrency. The AEW is in no way involved with the venture. The coin has been trading at around $5.

Baron Corbin reacts to MJF’s new venture

SmackDown superstar King Corbin reacted to MJF becoming the first-ever pro-wrestler to launch his own cryptocurrency.

Corbin replied with the popular GIF of Jeff Daniels clapping vigorously from the movie Dumb and Dumber.

Following his Tweet, MJF replied with a GIF of ‘Doge’ saying Thank You.

Rally offers anyone with an online community to launch their own cryptocurrency. And given, MJF’s fame he surely would gain a lot of supporters for his coin. This would do him a world of good, since it might go a long way in making MJF coin a stable coin.

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