(Watch) Big E and Kevin Owens promise to pay huge sum for Baron Corbin’s GoFundMe


Baron Corbin has fallen on tough times and started a GoFundMe and his WWE co-stars were there to help him out

The king has become a pauper. Baron Corbin, who was called King Corbin before losing his crown to Shinsuke Nakamura, is close to being broke.

The former WWE Money in the Bank winner has seen his car being towed away, and things just are not improving for him.

He won’t be in the MITB PPV on Sunday and recently revealed that he could lose his home and move with his in-laws.

Baron Corbin has started a Gofundme account
Baron Corbin looks dejected on SmackDown (WWE)

He also brought up how his family is eating just spaghetti, which is far from his days where he was grilling steaks every day.

SmackDown, the first one with the fans back, saw Corbin even launch his own GoFundMe. The SmackDown star added that his goal was to reach $100,000 but Kevin Owens just handed him a stunner.

Things did take a turn for the better during a commercial break as Owens and Big E wanted to help Corbin out.

Baron Corbin has an actual website for his GoFundMe
Baron Corbin shared details of his GoFundMe on SmackDown (WWE)

Big fund for the GoFundMe of Baron Corbin

A dejected Corbin was walking back down the ramp before KO and Big E started speaking about wanting to help the former King out.

The pair decided to split the amount and started with $1,000. This slowly went up to $5,000 and in footage shared after SmackDown, it seemed that Corbin was keen on taking up the offer.

The pair of WWE stars wanted Corbin to come back in the ring, but the former king decided not to and walked back, leading to some boos from the fans.

Corbin might be on tough times but this could be a move to make him a more sympathetic character. He was doing pretty well as a heel, and it is interesting to see what else WWE have planned for him.

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